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Welcome to the site! It is an educational informational resource, in which you can find any information you need. One can find here a lot of different information about everything. This absorbing kids' encyclopedia contains structured knowledge about the world around us. The site will tell about many things in the world. For example, it gives the information about Earth. You will learn how our planet has appeared. It tells about ultimate particles and the Universe, about nature, geography, about culture of different nations, languages of the world. This is online encyclopedia for kids and adults. You will learn much new and interesting from the articles on our site. Having read our articles, you can share absorbing information with your friends.

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Free Encyclopedia Online provides statistics of countries and regions of the world. Notwithstanding the development of civilization, we still know little information about earth phenomena like cosmos and stars. Which place does our planet take among the other planets of the Galaxy? To learn about the history of the Olympic Games you can read this article on our site. The articles are arranged in alphabetical order. It won’t be very difficult for you to find interesting information by a certain letter.

Users have an opportunity to put their own articles in this encyclopedia. You just enter the page Add article and put the information you consider to be important. If an article meets the content of the encyclopedia, a moderator must read this article and then we place it here, keeping your hyperlinks.

On the site you will find various facts about earth, about flora and fauna of our planet. About minerals, wild animals and medicinal plants. Written in a light and understandable form, the articles of the site will be clear both for kids and adults. In this extensive encyclopedia you can read the articles about climate and ecology. How much does wildlife cost? Nature or profit? Articles for children and ministers.

Amusing facts and the most extraordinary achievements are also available on this site of the most extensive free online world book encyclopedia. Do you know that astronauts can watch dawn to 16 times a day? That both people and koalas have unique fingermarks? That greater number of boys is born in the day-time and girls – at night? Having read the article about amazing customs, you learn that people do not bring flowers to a hostess in China. And in an Indian family they do not say “thank you” to one another.

Our most complete world book encyclopedia online free gives the answers to the following questions: can a coin thrown from a skyscraper kill a person? How long is a swallowed bubble gum digested? Does hair and nails grow after death? Learn why is it prohibited in Iceland to bring pregnant cats and dogs? How many millions of years ago did insects appear?

The site of the free online world book encyclopedia is regularly updated and filled up with new articles. It is a convenient tool that helps to learn everything about our planet. Do you know that the first advertisement was published in 1477 in England? It was an advertisement of a prayer book. And when was beer invented? From what distance can a falcon see an object? Do you know that national orchestra of Monaco is larger than its army? That there are more Barbie dolls in Italy than there are Canadians in Canada?

We are surrounded by thousands of striking facts. Do you know that during World War II to save metal Oscar statuettes were made of wood? And Tokyo zoo every year is closed for two months to give animals a rest from visitors? That a snail has 25 000 teeth? And a mole in one night can dig a tunnel 76 meters long? In our online encyclopedia for kids and adults you will learn that a cat is the only animal that is not mentioned in the Bible.

One can learn many amusing facts from our free online world book encyclopedia. For example, for a crocodile to open its mouth, it is necessary to press its eyeballs. A person at the average blinks about 20000000 a year. The interesting fact is that when hippopotamuses are upset their sweat is red. There are only two animals that can see everything behind themselves, without turning round. They are a rabbit and a parrot.

Our online encyclopedia is useful for kids. You cannot find so many interesting facts in one place elsewhere. We’ve got educational articles, telling our children in a light and understandable form about the most extraordinary things. Information about the whole earth is collected here. You will learn a lot of new facts about other peoples’ life, the history of the ancient civilizations, about the largest and the most full-flowing rivers of the world.

Welcome to the site! Only here you will read the most interesting articles. Welcome to a site of free online encyclopedia for kids and adults!


































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