Letran Chapter was founded on August 27, 1977. The Juniors had the strength in numbers and were bound to graduate to become Senior members of the fraternity.

In the academic year of 1978-1979, a significant milestone unfolded in the landscape of collegiate fraternities at Letran Manila. The Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity, known for its Triskelion Youth Movement (TYM), welcomed a new generation of brothers who sought to find their existing fraternity members on campus. Among these newly initiated brothers, Gerry Nicodemus was formally introduced to Jimmy Embing and Benson Basa, the first seniors of the Letran Chapter. 

The First Step

The second semester of that year marked a pivotal moment when Gervy Basilio, a transfer student from Adamson University, joined the Letran chapter. With Philippine Christian University (PCU) and Adamson University sponsorship, an official election occurred on January 25, 1979. Gervy Basilio was elected as the first Grand Triskelion (GT), Jimmy Embing as the Deputy Grand Triskelion (DGT), Mike Kaiser as the Master Wielder of the Whip, Benson Basa as the Master Keeper of the Chest, and Gerry Nicodemus as the Master Keeper of the Scroll.

During the late 1970s, the chapter faced adversities, especially from their rivals—The Fraternal Order of the Knights (FROKS). Despite recruitment challenges and aggressive opposition, the brothers stood their ground.

The 2nd Act

Brod Gervy Basilio left after the school year ‘78-’79. Another brod joined us the following school year, and brod Rouel Bismani, the founder of PATTS, became the second GT of Letran Seniors. Our rival fraternity, FROKS, learned of the development, which didn’t bode well for our plans for the chapter. They tried to knock us off and inflicted harm on any and all known members of our fraternity. We were small in numbers but not in courage. Most active brods fought hard individually, and some refused to be active participants or members to avoid getting harmed.

Brod Rouel Bismani left Letran the following year; being his Deputy, I acted as the GT for the time being. The school year 1980-1981 was when our rival fraternity, FROKS, made a number on me. They collectively swarmed me outside the dean’s office. Instead of asking other chapters to get involved, we sued Letran and Dean Torres for what happened. Dean Torres agreed to expel some FROKS fraternity members involved in the incident to avoid litigation. However, the issue didn’t stop there, as we were “hot” in the eyes of our rival fraternity. To prevent any other future problems, my family compelled me to transfer to a college near our new home, Perpetual Help College of Rizal (PHCR). I officially transferred to Perpetual Help College in 1981, where I met some ex-Letranites, too.

The Tipping Point

In 1983, the last of the initial batch from 1978-1983 graduated, concluding an era but leaving an indelible mark on the fraternity’s history. The Chapter remains grateful for those who have continued to build upon their legacy, honoring Tau Gamma Phi’s enduring spirit of unity and resilience.

We, the brothers of Letran Seniors 1978 – 1983, are grateful that others continued the path we paved for future generations of our beloved Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity in Letran. Hearing that our beloved Letran Chapter was founded in 1983 by those after us is disrespectful and an insult to us. We ask that you show some respect for our community as a fellow Triskelion. We are not seeking fame or glory; instead, we are committed to upholding the truth. 

Arriba Letran!

by: Gerry Nicodemus

Founding Batch, Letran Seniors 1978-1981

Letran Chapter Seniors, 1978-1983

  1. Jaime Embing
  2. Antonio Basa
  3. Gervy Basilio
  4. Mike Kaiser
  5. Gerry Nicodemus
  6. Godofredo Rodulfo
  7. Bong Masangkay
  8. Miguel Acebedo
  9. Dante Zabando
  10. Anthony Angeles
  11. Rouel Bismani
  12. Lindbergh Dela Cuesta
  13. Ricky Alvarez
  14. Marcelino Pascual
  15. Jeff Gopes
  16. Arce Dela Cruz
  17. Rolando Peña

Letran Chapter Juniors 1977-1979

  • Jerry Tabudlong (Organizer / Sponsor)                                 
  • Jojo Francisco – Rico Montes
  • Joji Sy – Jong Nario
  • Mandy Igtiben – Ricky Cuartero
  • Joseph Estrada – Rebeck Baleva
  • Johnny Ramos – Boy Salvacion
  • Marcelino Pascual – Danny Cruz
  • Lito Clarin – Gilbert Mapalad
  • Dan Pagkalinawan – Manuel Paez
  • Jude Dictado – Allan Romero
  • Juhnnel Del Rosario – Jericho Flores
  • Bobby Balaguer – Jodish Flores
  • Algie Gatmaitan – Benjie Bahena
  • Obet Zalchiaga – Jess Ordono
  • Benjie Abad Santos – Randy Canezares
  • Tony Intal – Arturo Estasio
  • Edmund Paule – Jun Patag
  • Jun Rojo – Jun Hidalgo
  • Jun Ilaga – Jun Cuartero
  • Ferdie Tapia – Gil Areza
  • Raffy Ramos – Manny Intal
  • Caloy Camara – Joey Bitong
  • Tris Bragasin – Rey Ambrosio
  • Catcho Catchuela – Mike Lumbre
  • Sunny Camins – Jose Lanto
  • Ron Cabral –  Renato Balkin
  • Jose Tapia – Philip Muyot
  • Feodor Marquez – Bernard del Rosario
  • Victor Dimabayao – Boyet Yuzon
  • Joey Curatero – Charlie Chua
  • Cesar Intila – Dondi de Borja
  • John Chua – Emer Robles
  • Ricky Cruz – Dennis DeMesa
  • Henry Cruz – Louie Manlapaz
  • Jojo Naval – Douglas Barredo
  • Jojo Saenz – Gerry Bartoloma
  • Willy Amante – Norman Bustamante

Letran Chapter Juniors 1980 – 1983

  • Manny Intal – Ernesto Carpio
  • Junn Doronilla – Junn Doronilla
  • Joey Crisologo – Henri Navarro
  • Francis Banta – Opet Mendoza
  • Fruby Rivera – Manny De Guzman
  • Jojo Javier – Mike Tibayan
  • Anthony Martinez – Randy David

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