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Anybody buying a home for the first time will feel apprehensive — the challenge of arranging your finances to see if you can afford your own home. Conventional mortgages are often out of reach for those just starting financially. A 20% down payment is a big commitment.

The road to homeownership can be challenging and daunting, but there are first-time home buyer programs that can help ease the burden.

Are you looking for a way to finance the purchase of your first home? Here are five home loan options worth checking out:

1. FHA Loans

This is one of the most popular mortgages among first-time and repeat home buyers. Because the government backs FHA loans, lenders can be more relaxed with the qualifications, credit scores, and down payment requirements.

FHA loan lenders accept borrowers with credit scores as low as 580 and only require a down payment of 3.5 percent of the purchase price. Those with lower credit scores may still get approved for an FHA loan but have to pay a higher down payment.

2. Freddie Mac Home Possible Program

Freddie Mac designed the Home Possible Program to promote access to affordable housing. This type of home loan makes it easier for people to purchase a home by offering low down payment rates) and allowing the use of gift money for upfront payments. 

To qualify for a Home Possible Loan, the borrower must have a FICO score of at least 620. 

3. Fannie Mae HomePath Mortgage Program

HomePath is a Fannie Mae initiative that provides financial aid to anyone who wants to buy a repossessed house.

With a HomePath conventional mortgage, you may be able to put down as little as 3 percent for the property. The program also offers assistance with closing costs, but this privilege is only available to first-time homebuyers. Moreover, homes purchased under the HomePath Mortgage Program must be primary residences, and you’ll have to move in within 60 days of the closing date. 

4. VA Loans

The VA loan is another desirable option for first-time homebuyers. Guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, VA home loans require no down payment, no monthly mortgage insurance, no prepayment penalties, and have low-interest rates. However, only military personnel, veterans, and their spouses are eligible for this loan.

5. USDA Loans

The USDA also offers accessible home loans for families with little to moderate financial means. Some of the most notable features of the program include no down payment, low-interest rates, and affordable mortgage insurance premiums. But there’s a catch – USDA-guaranteed home loans only cover houses in rural areas. 

Finding the proper program is the first and most crucial step in becoming a homeowner. The programs listed above are an excellent place to start, but they may not be the only ones available to you. 
If you’re unsure where or how to begin, consult an agent or someone with more knowledge about the home buying process to assist you in making a wise financial decision. Purchasing a house is a significant financial commitment. Put in as much effort as possible to get it correctly on the first try.

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