A student loan is an excellent opportunity to pick and study at the educational establishment you have always dreamed about. However, it frequently happens that a student loan entails a huge sum that you will have to pay literally during your entire life, even after graduation. But this doesn’t prevent you from living your life fully like changing your job, buying a car, or taking a mortgage loan to buy a house. 

How to get a mortgage loan while paying the student loan debt?


Find ways to improve your credit history rate

The first decisive indicator in providing you with a loan for buying a house while still owing a student loan is your credit score, meaning the rate of your credit history. The better your credit score is, the higher probability of the bank lending you money for real estate purposes. Foremost, the score of your credit history is defined by the regularity of student loan payments. If you don’t miss the date to pay for your education, it proves your responsibility and ability to pay for the house loan as well.  To improve the rate of your credit history, you should do the following actions:

  • Pay all your bills and loans in time, as it has the biggest impact on your credit score and credibility as a bank customer;
  • Monitor how much credit money you spend, the less percentage of credit money you regularly take, the more chance you get to receive a loan to buy a house;
  • If you don’t have a recent credit account with a nice score, you can also use the history of your old bank accounts, which you don’t use anymore but still maintain them;
  • Use various types of credits on your account, starting from small expenses to student loans, for instance.

Increase your debt-to-income ratio

The next crucial indicator that will become decisive in you getting the mortgage loan is the debt-to-income ratio. You may have different types of credit, including student loans, but your task is to constantly increase your income to cover all your credit and other expenses, meaning to prove to the bank you can afford mortgage credit and pay the bills regularly. Overall, your income always must prevail over your active credits. However, you can improve your debt-to-income ratio to get a higher chance to receive a mortgage to buy the house of your dreams:

  • Remember that paying off the monthly credit bills is your priority, you need to aim to close your credits as fast as possible, especially if we talk about scalable credits like student loans;
  • Work on the constant increase of your income, so if your employer refuses to increase your payroll, then you should probably think of looking for another job or additional source of earnings;
  • You can minimize the amount of money you need to pay for your student loan monthly by providing the bank with an income-based plan where the monthly sum will depend on your current income.

Find out about the down payment assistance programs

The main condition of getting a mortgage loan is to be able to pay a down payment, which is quite a big sum of money when buying a house. Commonly, you will have to pay about 10-30% of the entire price of the building. However, some states offer people who have a student loan and want to get a new house credit, the down payment assistance programs. Some of them allow you to receive a partial mortgage loan, meaning some expenses you will pay with your own capital, and the missing part will be lent by the bank.

Also, depending on the area you would like to buy or build a house, your down payment can be dressed to 3.5% which is the minimum sum in mortgage loans. Generally, there are various possibilities to improve the conditions of your mortgage loan, even if you have other types of credits you need to pay monthly. You just need to consult with your mortgage broker, who you can find on writing reviews services according to the state you are living in.

Find a co-borrower

The last recommendation we would like to share is finding a person who would like to join the mortgage loan with you. It is not necessary to pick the person you will live with in this house. You can just ask a reliable person to become your co-borrower by providing the joined income, credit history, and ability to pay monthly bills. 

This will add credibility to your mortgage request and the chances of getting the mortgage loan will increase. However, you surely need to find a person who has a high credit score, regularly pays the credit and other bills, and whose income is affordable to get the sum you need to buy or build a house. 

In conclusion

As you see, there is nothing impossible or even complicated in getting a mortgage while having student loan debt. You just need to ensure that your income is higher than credit expenses to be able to pay off your credits and live your life fully, with no limits and constant restraints. 

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